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Tammy R.
Account Manager

What is your day to day like as an Account Manager at Beach Mold and Tool?

As an account manager I am primarily responsible for customer programs from launch and tool build phase until end of life. My job is to basically be the liaison between the customer expectations and our manufacturing and production.

When did you start at Beach Mold and Tool, and in what role?

I started in August of 1995 as a Mold Press Operator.

How many roles have you had since you started here?

I have worked in mold shop as a press operator, lead person and production supervisor, I worked in pad printing in assembly, I was a quality engineer, project engineer and now an account manager.

What excites you about coming to work at Beach Mold and Tool each day?

The thing that I like the best is that every day is something new. I feel that I am responsible for a large scope of our business, from quality and customer service, to shipping product out the door. So I definitely do not do the same thing every day.

What are you most proud of from your career so far?

I am proud of the fact that I have been allowed to work my way up the “corporate ladder” and have been given the opportunity to learn this business from the ground up. I feel that my experience in different areas gives me a well rounded perspective of what we need as a business as well as what our customers need.

Why should people be excited to begin a career at Beach Mold and Tool?

I think this is a great place to have a career. There are so many opportunities here for people that are willing to learn. Beach has always been a big advocate of promoting from within, which gives all of our employees tremendous opportunity to basically write their own destiny. If you show up to work every day, learn everything that you can, and make an effort to be involved, then there are many opportunities to advance.

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