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Founded in 1972 by Mr. William Beach and his wife Juanita, Beach Mold & Tool, Inc. is privately held and has established itself as a premiere manufacturing entity with our expertise and core competencies lying in injection molding technologies and contract manufacturing assemblies. Beach Mold & Tool specializes in injection molding, precision tool making and has evolved to processing completed assemblies for a global customer base. For more than 40 years, we have been standing apart from the competition by taking on new challenges to serve evolving customer needs for innovative products.

Strategically headquartered in New Albany, Indiana, Beach Mold efficiently operates more than 500,000 square feet combined and over 140 injection mold machines. Additionally, each facility is supported by an in-house tool shop.

Beach Mold has grown steadily throughout the decades to meet the needs of our clientele. Our clients include a number of Fortune 500 clients as we proudly hold a global presence within a variety of markets and industries. Our customer portfolio includes major automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers, medical component suppliers and business technology enterprises as well as highly recognized consumer product entities.

Beach Mold is guided today, as it has been since it’s beginning, by its original values of quality, innovation, integrity and dedication to excellence by serving our customers needs. We combine state-of-the-art equipment with sophisticated design tools and modern manufacturing systems to produce outstanding products on a 24-hour basis, seven days per week.

A history of progression and innovation…

Mold making is an art that is thousands of years old. It requires skilled hands, knowledge of the materials, and a command of technology, patience and above all, vision. The mold maker must be able to envision the process and the finished product. He must be able to see ahead to avoid the pitfalls and adjust to the correct course of accomplishment. Bill Beach is a visionary who has used his skills as a master mold maker to mold himself and his company into the model of American success.

In 1972, Bill and his wife, Juanita, opened Beach Mold & Tool, Inc. Their small shop was first located in Jeffersontown, KY, but within a couple of years they relocated to the New Albany, Indiana Industrial Park, just north and across the Ohio River from Louisville. Bill hired three skilled workers, intending to stay small and concentrate on quality. At first, he and his employees did fabricating and made prototype molds just large enough to be handled by hand. But as business grew, the demand for larger molds encouraged Bill to expand the facility and purchase the equipment necessary to meet the demands of the market. Within a short time Bill expanded to a ten-man shop and was producing prototype molds for IBM’s Lexington, KY plant.

The quality craftsmanship and professionalism of his operation more than impressed the folks at IBM. The top-quality molds he delivered earned Bill and Beach Mold & Tool respect in the industry and a reputation as a company capable of meeting the goals and requirements needed to succeed. IBM went on to employ Beach Mold & Tool to produce not only prototype molds, but also production molds and later still, to do some actual molding. Again, Bill expanded Beach Mold & Tool, bought presses, hired experienced sales representatives and talented managers. Business grew, the facilities grew, and the quality improved with each new technology made available. Early on, Bill began the tradition of training unskilled workers through Apprentice Programs. He encouraged all of his people to continue learning and improving their job skills by opening a special department within the company for Training and Development. It’s been one of the keys to the company’s success.

Beach Mold & Tool began offering Full Integration Production by the late 1980’s, enabling them to take a project from start to finish, the concept/idea to the shipping dock. By the early 1990’s Beach Mold & Tool had grown to 400 employees and boasted a client list that read like the Who’s Who in American Business; Beach Mold & Tool was producing Prototype Molds, Production Molds, Injection Molded parts and assemblies. Beach Mold & Tool also offered Testing Services as well as Warehousing, Packing and Shipping Services.

Today, Beach Mold & Tool has grown to over 600 employees with headquarters and main manufacturing facility located in New Albany, Indiana.

Beach Mold & Tool is proud to be a leader in the industry and looks forward to the new global economy and the opportunities it will present.

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